Caution to update modify search display template


Fix applied


  1. Download the html file ~sitecollection/_catalogs/masterpages/display templates/search/Control_SearchResults.html
  2. Under <mso:CustomDocumentProperties> tag remove the below

<mso:HtmlDesignAssociated msdt:dt=”string”>1</mso:HtmlDesignAssociated>

<mso:HtmlDesignStatusAndPreview msdt:dt=”string”> Templates/Search/Control_SearchResults.html, Conversion successful.</mso:HtmlDesignStatusAndPreview>

<mso:HtmlDesignConversionSucceeded msdt:dt=”string”>True</mso:HtmlDesignConversionSucceeded>

<mso:CrawlerXSLFile msdt:dt=”string”></mso:CrawlerXSLFile>


  1. And remove the tag

var g_duration = 102;

var g_iisLatency = 1;

var g_responseEnd = new Date().getTime();


How it was found

By downloading the fresh file from a new search center.

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